Trump campaign leaves VP debate ticket for Tupac, Kamala’s favorite ‘living’ rapper – Dateway

The Trump campaign has booked a ticket to Wednesday’s vice-presidential debate for late west coast rapper Tupac Shakur in case he shows up to support Kamala Harris, according to reports.

“The Trump campaign is leaving a ticket for Tupac Shakur at tonight’s debate with the vice-presidents because Kamala Harris called him alive his favorite rapper,” reporter Amber Athey reported Wednesday before the debate.

In case anyone thought she was joking, she continued, “(This is no joke and has been confirmed by senior campaign adviser Trump @JasonMillerinDC on a press call). “

The epic trolling effort comes after Harris touted Tupac as his favorite rapper in an interview last month.

“Best rapper alive?” the interview asked Harris.

“Tupac,” she replied.

“He’s not alive! stressed the interviewer.

“I know, I keep doing this…” Harris replied, laughing at the remark.

Kamala was referring to a previous time she was called out for lying, most notably during an interview at the Breakfast Club in which she claimed to have listened to Tupac and rapper Snoop Dogg while she was smoking marijuana in college.

Harris will discuss Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday night in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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