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The Trump campaign issued a statement on Monday warning against the Democrats’ plot to “delegitimize” the election by using propaganda and the law to compromise its integrity.

Trump’s deputy campaign manager Justin Clark explained that the combination of low enthusiasm for Biden, virtually no ground games or field operations, and Democratic voters’ fear of voting in person is sowing trouble for Biden.

“Democrats are panicking because Joe Biden did not take a big enough lead in the first votes in battlefield states and they know that President Trump’s in-person votes on Election Day will make up the difference and propel him towards victory, ”Clark said.

Clark revealed that Democrats plan to undermine the election through propaganda and efforts to delay the election by the courts.

“We are aware that the Democrats have already cut the TV commercials they are willing to roll out to further solidify ‘Red Mirage’ disinformation, seeking to convince people that all Joe Biden would need for victory is is over time, well beyond election day, ”Clark told me.

“At the same time, we fully anticipate that Democrats will appear in court to extend the deadlines for accepting and counting votes sent and received well beyond the deadlines promulgated by the laws of each state.

Clark also reminded voters that Hillary Clinton even told Biden in August “not to concede under any circumstances.”

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As if to prove Clark’s point of view, Clinton again asserted Monday that the election would not be over until “every vote is counted.”

Additionally, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro – the state’s top law enforcement official – has blatantly stated that Trump will lose the state if all the votes are counted.

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