Trump confirms he spoke with ‘Great Gentleman’ Tommy Tuberville, Plans optimism about January 6 challenge – Dateway

President Donald Trump confirmed this week that he spoke by phone with elected Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville and appeared to feel optimistic about Tuberville’s willingness to challenge the Electoral College’s results of the election of 2020 January 6.

“I spoke to a great man, Tommy Tuberville, last night, and he was so excited. He said, “You made me America’s most popular politician,” Trump said during an appearance on New York City radio station 770 WABC. “He said, ‘I can’t believe it.’ He is great. Great senator.

Tuberville had previously said he would “fight hard” for President Trump, as National File reported last week:

In a video edited together by a left-wing activist on Twitter, Tuberville said, “They’re going to steal it” in reference to the second round of the Senate elections in Georgia. He also showed his support for President Donald Trump’s claims of a rigged election, noting that “it’s impossible, it’s impossible what happened” in reference to Joe Biden’s alleged victory.

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“We’ll fix everything,” Tuberville promised. “Do not give up [Trump]. “

When asked to clarify later what “stuff up your sleeve” Senate Republicans might have to help challenge the election, Tuberville said, “Well, you see what’s coming. You read it in the House, we will have to do it in the Senate.

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“We’re going to fight hard,” Tuberville promised.

Tuberville appeared embossed after the remarks went viral, however, telling Yellowhammer News last week: “They asked me, ‘Are you going to support President Trump?’ And, of course, I will always support President Trump. He is the best president of my life and he has done more than anyone for the people of this country and the state of Alabama. But we want to make sure we’re doing the right thing. “

If Tuberville chooses to run for office on Jan.6, he will join a coalition of Republican officials who have pledged to run on behalf of President Trump, led by Representative Mo Brooks (R-AL).

Republican Senators John Thune (RS.D.), Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) And Lindsey Graham (RS.C.) have all indicated they will not back the president on Jan.6.

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