Trump continues baseless election fraud allegations, Biden moves forward with transition

President Donald Trump and his allies continue to push lawsuits in several states challenging the results of the 2020 presidential election. The challenges come as President-elect Joe Biden begins his transition with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris ahead of their inauguration January 20. According to mainstream media projections, Biden surpassed the 270 electoral votes needed on Saturday. Even as Biden prepares to take office, the Associated Press has yet to call the race in Georgia. Trump and his campaign are trying to seize the opportunity to pursue legal avenues that would promote the president’s vote count. While refusing to concede the election, Trump claimed he would have won had it not been for the “illegal” votes counted in the states he lost or where he is late. But Trump and his allies offered no evidence, and their legal challenges were largely dismissed by the courts. Non-partisan surveys of previous elections have revealed that voter fraud is extremely rare. State officials from both sides, as well as international observers, also said the 2020 election went well. The Trump Campaign Lawsuits Judges broadly dismissed Republican challenges over the past week, when the campaign sought to interrupt the vote count as it leaned toward Biden. Below are some of the lawsuits brought by the Trump campaign in several key states. Arizona The Trump campaign with the Republican National Committee asked in a lawsuit filed on Saturday for the right to inspect thousands of in-person ballots filled out on election day in the Phoenix area, alleging poll workers mismanaged them . But Trump’s campaign dropped the lawsuit after learning that Biden’s margin of victory in Arizona cannot be overcome mathematically. Arizona’s ballot count on Thursday mathematically eliminated the president from the state’s victory. Biden holds a lead of more than 11,000 votes over Trump in Arizona with just 10,315 ballots as of Thursday night. KEEP READING:.

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