Trump contradicts Kellyanne Conway on ‘Stop the Count’

The Trump campaign just doesn’t seem to be able to clearly understand whether it really wants to stop the vote count or not, as President Donald Trump’s chances of victory are precarious.

Over the past few days, the president’s surrogates and advisers have been all over the map as they try to explain Team Trump’s strategy with regards to battlefield states counting mail-in and late ballots.

And even as aides publicly tried to deflect undemocratic attempts to prevent the counting of of votes, the president himself stomped on their demands: “STOP COUNTING!” Asset mad Thursday morning on Twitter.

The president’s online collapse came just as his lead in the must-see state of Pennsylvania continued to wane as mail-order votes – which were strongly democratic – continued to be counted. State laws prevented those votes from being counted before election day, resulting in a huge slice of remaining ballots to be counted – most of which were likely for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden .

The Trump campaign has called for a temporary end to ballot counting in Pennsylvania and Michigan – which has already been called for Biden by most of the media – until they can gain “meaningful” access to observe and examine the uncounted ballots. (A Pennsylvania court ordered election officials on Thursday to give more access to observers, a legal victory for Trump.) Pro-Trump protesters, at the same , gathered outside a Detroit location on Wednesday, chanting aloud “Stop the count!”

But during an appearance Wednesday night on Tucker Carlson tonightTrump campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis insisted the media was misrepresenting the campaign of trying to stop the count.

“No, we want meaningful access so that we can watch and observe as the law allows and requires that we can verify and make sure there is no fraud,” she said, baselessly claiming that Michigan had fraudulently given votes to Biden.

That same evening, of course, the President apparently dismissed his own team’s actions while suggesting that the remaining votes should, in fact, not be counted.

“Our lawyers have asked for ‘meaningful access’, but what’s the point?” Trump yelled on Twitter. “The damage has already been done to the integrity of our system and to the presidential election itself. This is what we must discuss! “

He also said on Wednesday that “we’ve claimed” the states of Pennsylvania, and North Carolina – all of which still have votes to count – and Michigan, even though it had already been called for Biden.

In Arizona state, meanwhile, the remaining ballots to be counted appear to yield gains for Trump, so the Trump team decided in Grand Canyon state that the full vote should be counted.

With pro-Trump protesters shouting “Count this vote!” outside a Maricopa counting center on Wednesday night, Trump’s former main assistant Kellyanne Conway appeared on Fox and friends Thursday morning, call for patience to count all the votes and get the final result.

“They spent three years investigating the president, impeaching the president,” she said. “We can’t wait three , three days, three weeks, to get a result in our big and strong democracy as to who will be the president? What’s the rush all of a sudden? “

(Conway did not the fact that it was Trump himself who had demanded in the weeks leading up to the election that all results be announced on election night, noting that it would be “grossly inappropriate” to count the ballots. vote “for two weeks.”)

“Why are we in such a hurry to end this election prematurely?” Conway continued. “Let’s be patient, take a deep breath, count every legal vote. I think this is the to be methodical and not emotional.

Shortly after Conway’s interview, of course, Trump launched his “STOP THE COUNT” tweet.

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