Trump doesn’t play 3-D chess. He eats the checker.

The men of the Trump hype love to say he’s so smart. A tactical genius. Always 14 moves ahead of you libtards. Surely there is a deep logic, according to the Trumpkins, in which the president spends the final days of his campaign attacking the most respected public health expert in the United States.

In any case, Trump is not letting out a bunch of … Oh, that we’re kidding. The guy has the emotional control and strategic wisdom of a toddler.

“I think it’s important to remember: he never plays three-dimensional chess. He just eats a checker, ”quips Molly Jong-Fast on the last episode of The new abnormal.

“And the point is, it wasn’t a strategic decision. He’s so baby that the crowd started chanting “ late Fauci, late Fauci, ” and he can’t help but want to fill that hole, that black hole, in his heart. And so he gives people what they want, ”says political strategist Tim Miller.

Rick Wilson chuckles, channeling Trump: “Before I fire Fauci, I want a warm-up by setting that bucket of kittens on fire.”

No, but seriously. The craziest part of this crazy episode, explains The Beast’s Erin Banco, is that Trump thinks he absolutely crushed him on the COVID response.

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