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The Michigan attorney general said on Thursday that President Trump’s efforts to force a recount in the state through the courts were racist.

Democrat Dana Nessel oddly argued that the prosecution centered on the idea that blacks were responsible for voter fraud.

“In reality, the themes that we see, which persist, are: Blacks are corrupt, Blacks are incompetent, and Blacks cannot be trusted,” Nessel said.

“This is the narrative that is continually being adopted by the Trump campaign and their allies in these lawsuits,” the GA said, as reported by The Detroit Free Press.

Nessel’s “evidence” to back up his claims is that Trump’s lawsuits are focused on Detroit, rather than counties outside the state. Because Detroit has more black residents, it sort of makes Trump’s trial racist.

Of course, Detroit is the largest urban area in the state, so it makes perfect sense that Trump’s suits are concentrated there, because that’s where the most votes are.

The Detroit Free Press reported this week that Trump has filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging that “there was enough wrongdoing in the vote tally in Detroit that a judge would have to temporarily prevent certification of the results of the city ​​and statewide elections. “

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The trial has more than 100 affidavits, according to the report.

Nessel accused Trump of “forum shopping”, for the courts which will be sensitive to his challenges.

“In my opinion, this is really a cheeky case of forum shopping,” Nessel said, adding, “I’ll add that forum shopping and judging purchases are my least two favorite shopping seasons.

She proclaimed that if she had attempted such a move “so baseless and so frivolous, I would be penalized and would likely consider losing my license.”

Matt Bracken of hosts The Alex Jones Show to break down the crumbling narrative of the Dems election fraud coverage.

Nessel is an avid anti-Trumper, regularly offering deranged comparisons of the president to the Nazis and Adolf Hitler:

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