Trump exposes himself as a crybaby in 60-minute interview with Lesley Stahl

Over the past two days, President Donald Trump has repeatedly threatened to release his entire unedited interview with 60 minutes’ Lesley Stahl before an edited version airs on next Sunday’s episode. Well, he finally did and it can have the exact opposite effect he hoped for.

“Look at the bias, hatred and rudeness on the part of 60 Minutes and CBS,” Trump posted on Facebook the morning of his last debate with Joe Biden. He then added, for good measure, “tonight’s anchor Kristen Welker is much worse!”

But what anyone watching the 38 Minutes will see is that the President has spent most of his time openly complaining about the “harshness” of the questions while refusing to answer any of them in any way. consistent.

In the first few seconds, Stahl, who has been with 60 minutes for nearly three decades, calmly asks Trump if he’s ready for some “tough questions.”

“No, I am not,” he answers grimly.

“Don’t you agree with the tough questions?” Stahl laughed in response, seeming to think at first that he might be joking.

Instead, the president immediately accusing him of bias, saying, “You don’t ask Biden tough questions. It’s terrible. ”Over and over she has to remind him that she’s not the one interviewing Biden and Harris for the same episode.

His first “difficult” question? “Why do you want to be president again?”

Time and time again, Trump refuses to say what he would do in a second term and instead brags about the “good job” he did in his first term. Asked about his “greatest national priority,” Trump says instead that he “has created the largest economy in our country’s history.” Stahl replies: “You know that’s not true!”

There is a deep defensive stance on Trump’s part throughout, including when Stahl suggests his rallies are not as big as they were due to the pandemic. “You are so negative!” he said to him. “You come in with this negative attitude.”

Ultimately, Trump hits a point when Stahl pushes back against unsubstantiated allegations about Hunter Biden. “This has never been verified!” she said to him. Sensing her frustration, Stahl told her that she didn’t want their interview to be so controversial.

“Yes, you did,” Trump replies, reminding him that she told him she was going to ask “tough questions.”

“You are the president,” Stahl said in response. “Don’t you think you should be accountable to the American people?”

Trump claims he doesn’t “mind” tough questions. “But when you up the interview, you didn’t say that,” he adds. “You said, ‘Oh, let’s have a great interview.'”

The president openly admits that he expected friendly treatment from a news program well known for its serious investigative .

As he continues to complain about the media asking Biden “softball” questions, a White House aide interrupts him with a five-minute warning before a scheduled “walk-and-talk” interview with Trump and Vice President Pence. “Well, I think we’ve had enough,” Trump tells his team. “I think we’ve had enough of an interview. That’s enough, let’s go.

President Trump released the full interview in hopes that it will reflect more favorably on him than the edited version which is scheduled to air this Sunday. It is not known at this stage how this is possible.

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