Trump fears Biden will get the praise he needs for a COVID vaccine

As the prospects for an effective coronavirus vaccination improved for the coming year, Donald Trump became outwardly irritated that he was not in the Oval Office to take credit for it.

For months, Trump had promised a COVID vaccine would arrive shortly. He put much of his electoral hopes on this possibility. But the announcement by two large pharmaceutical companies of the extremely successful trial results for their respective COVID vaccine candidates came in the days following the vote. And while that may have made markets and public health officials happy, for Trump it was nothing but a bunch of frustration.

Prior to the announcement of the breakthroughs, the president had been brainstorming with assistants and close associates on ways to promote the vaccine to the American people. According to two people with first-hand knowledge of his private comments, the president had said he was considering large, public, mask-less events – especially when the weather warmed, what he planned to be, a second term – and rallies to celebrate the success of Operation Warp Speed, the public-private partnership to develop a vaccine. When the distribution began, Trump had wanted to be directly involved in promoting the vaccine, launching a video campaign about the safety and success of his operation.

Trump also considered hosting a public televised event or press conference where he proudly waved and read a list of news headlines, articles and reports that had underestimated him or raised doubts about the timeline. of Operation Warp Speed.

“The president was eager to show that he was right and that the media were wrong,” one of the sources said.

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