Trump finally slaps Google in anti-trust suit, protects democracy

Sometimes Donald Trump does the right thing, even though it may be for the wrong reasons. His Justice Department’s belated attack on Google for its monopoly tyranny over search and digital advertising is precisely what is needed. Some may portray this as the last desperate act of a dying tyrant, but in reality it is perhaps the most important step to protect democracy in recent years.

The antitrust lawsuit, filed just weeks before the election, is just the latest example of the growing gap between the tech oligarchy and Trump on issues like the H1-B visas that big tech depends on to reduce labor costs, web censorship and, of course, Trump’s trade war with allies close to Silicon Valley in China.

With the prospect of an imminent Biden presidency, Google and the other tech monopolies might just be prepared to wait to try to regain control of the national agenda and reclaim at least some of the vast political power they enjoyed under Barack Obama. . It is likely that Trump was acting not to protect free markets and democracy, but to punish his alleged enemies who he believes unfairly supported his opponent not only with their contributions and expertise, but also with their policies and their algorithms.

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