Trump forgives former national security adviser Michael Flynn

President Trump said on Wednesday he had pardoned Michael Flynn, his first national security adviser, declaring it a “great honor” just in time for Thanksgiving.

“Congratulation to @GenFlynn and his wonderful family, I know you are now having a truly fantastic Thanksgiving! the outgoing president tweeted.

Trump is said to have considered a series of pardons before being fired from his post in January, including for the many people around him who have committed crimes. Hopeful recipients will go to great lengths to lobby for one, according to The New York Times, as imprisoned King tiger Star Joe Exotic, whose team racked up a $ 10,000 ticket to the Trump Hotel in Washington in an attempt to get the president’s attention.

Flynn, a retired army lieutenant general, had been Trump’s national security adviser for less than a month before things started to deteriorate. His tenure was loaded from the start: shortly before leaving office, President Barack Obama reportedly warned Trump, then president-elect, against hiring Flynn. Then, weeks before the inauguration, Flynn reportedly told Trump’s transition team that he was under federal investigation for working secretly as a paid lobbyist for Turkey.

But it was Flynn’s contacts with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak – during which he discussed new sanctions imposed by the Obama administration, among others – that put Flynn in legal danger. He pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his contacts with Kislyak as part of Special Advocate Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia in 2017.

After initially cooperating with Mueller, Flynn fired his lawyers and turned the tide. In the summer of 2019, he began trying to overturn his guilty plea, claiming he had fallen victim to “Deep State” prosecutors who wanted to install him – a martyrdom tale Trump has long amplified. This made Flynn a hero in MAGA’s revenge fantasy known as QAnon, which Flynn, like his now disgraced lawyer Sidney Powell, appeared to embrace.

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