Trump ‘fraud’ witness also believes ghosts haunt his family

Truck driver Jesse Morgan plunged into the midst of post-2020 election drama on Tuesday when he claimed at a press conference that he unintentionally drove a truck full of suspicious ballots from New York to the Pennsylvania before polling day.

“I know I’ve seen ballots with filled out return addresses,” said Morgan, who claims to work for a Postal Service contractor. “Thousands of them, thousands.”

Appearance at a voter fraud event staged by center-right Thomas More made Morgan the latest viral Trumpist right-wing star. And, fairly quickly, his claims were amplified by the president, his legal team, conservative groups not affiliated with the campaign, and Trump supporters themselves who all argued that nearly 300,000 fake mail-in ballots had been used in Pennsylvania, Morgan’s home state, to put Joe Biden on top.

The video of Morgan’s speech on Twitter has been viewed more than 3 million times – aided by a tweet from Trump – as the president and his campaign racked up more than 60,000 retweets of their own posts on Morgan. Sean Hannity dutifully put Morgan on his show.

One biographical detail that goes unspoken in all of this raises questions about the validity of Morgan’s already questionable claims. In addition to witnessing alleged electoral fraud, the man believes his family has been stalked across the country by ghosts.

Before becoming a hero in MAGAworld, Morgan was an amateur ghost hunter.

Morgan’s first success came with a 2016 video of a “shadow person” living in his basement, from where he claimed to hear strange noises.

“I will not be raising my daughters in a place that is haunted,” Morgan says in the video, dubbed “Shadow person filmed”.

Despite these noises, Morgan – again in the video – came down the stairs. But on his way down he saw a “shadow person”, who looked strangely like a normal human in a black morphsuit, watching him from the stairs. Morgan’s camera suddenly tilted and the supposed ghost disappeared.

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