Trump has a second thought on this concession video

Donald Trump’s staunchest supporters feel angry and betrayed over Thursday’s video in which the president tried to distance himself from a pro-Trump riot in Congress, despite the president’s advisers assuring him that he hadn’t alienated too many of his fans.

Shortly after his White House video – in which a scripted President Trump admitted that a transition to a “new” administration was underway, but stopped before even admitting that he had indeed lost enough. facing his 2020 Democratic opponent – posted online, Trump started having second thoughts. Throughout the evening, the outgoing and increasingly authoritarian leader of the free world quizzed close advisers and White House officials to find out if he had done the right thing and whether the reception of the public, media and its supporters was “good,” according to two people with direct knowledge of Thursday’s conversations. He asked if his supporters felt disappointed.

Some who spoke to him tried to comfort and reassure him that he was welcomed and doing what he needed to do and that Democratic lawmakers calling for his were just trying to kick him when he was down.

The unsaid was the backlash his diehard fans had already started online. Some called on Trump to continue the fight, others said they felt betrayed.

But, despite confidants’ efforts to protect him, on Friday morning it emerged that he had started to notice some of the fallout.

“The 75 million great American patriots who voted for me, AMERICA FIRST, and Make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, will have a voice in the future. They will not be looked down upon or treated unfairly in any way, form or form !!! Trump posted on Twitter Friday morning, in his first tweet written since being temporarily banned from his account for openly promoting the deadly riot in , DC.

He followed up this post with another read, “To all who have asked, I won’t be going to the inauguration on January 20,” implying that a Biden would indeed be performing.

But many staunch Trump supporters were distraught to see Trump calling for continuation of the rioters’ “heinous” actions, just a day after he urged them to come to Capitol Hill in a speech outside the White House.

On the pro-Trump forum “The Donald,” some Trump supporters saw the video as that Trump had abandoned them to predations from a Democratic party that will soon control the White House and both houses of Congress. A thread of 4,000 comments reacting to Trump’s speech appears to have been deleted on Friday.

“I’m sorry that damn Ashli ​​Babbit (sic) died for it and this speech in return and you should be too,” wrote a poster, referring to the rioter who was shot dead by the Capitol police on Wednesday. “Calling what we did heinous is ….. fucked up.”

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