Trump has just crossed the last level of neo-fascism

Never mind his latest storm of complaints and threats on Twitter. Or watch them, for their very desperation proves the Don Undapper is starting to think his chances of staying in the White House much longer are, as the mayor of Munchkin City said, morally, ethically, spiritually, physically. , positively, absolutely. , undeniably and surely dead. He will see for what will probably be the first time in his life that there is no judge he can buy (including the one he supposed to buy, who at least has shown himself to be above the law). Mafia-type corruption; hey, we ‘I’ll take it), no repairman he can bribe, no silly cousin he can put on the payroll to fix things.

For the first time known in 74 years, Trump’s morality met normal morality, and normal morality won.

Which begs the question: With his legal options nearly exhausted (we’re waiting for this case in Texas, which seems crazier than most of them), what will Trump do next? Perhaps more worryingly, what will his followers do? Until this week, they and Trump could continue to fuel the fiction that a brave soul takes a step forward and, within the parameters of the “system,” somehow sort that out and save it.

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