Trump has said he will ban fundraising from foreign lobbyists. Now they are funding his campaign.

Four years ago to the day, President Donald Trump pledged to impose a blanket ban on political fundraising by registered foreign lobbyists. Now, some of these lobbyists are helping fund his candidacy for re-election.

During the 2016 election campaign, Trump warned of the corrupting influence of foreign governments and their willingness to use higher influence dealers to advance their causes. His warnings were aimed at his then-Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton. And he pointed to one of the emails released by WikiLeaks after Russian hackers violated the email account of a senior Clinton employee, which he insisted “shows that senior officials of the Clinton campaign were plotting to take massive amounts of money from foreign lobbyists.

“This is money pooled by people registered as lobbyists on behalf of foreign governments,” Trump complained.

Trump made the comments in a speech unveiling an ethics reform plan he pledged to implement during his first 100 days in office. Among his proposals was “a total ban on foreign lobbyists from raising funds for the US elections.”

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