Trump is a loser and his followers are whiners

For about 24 hours after the 2020 election was called, Joe Biden, Democrats and other opponents of fascism – that is, anti-fascists – danced the streets in a burst of joy and relief at the end of the most overtly sectarian. , corrupt and destructive presidential administration in the modern era.

And then, like clockwork, the same awful people who backed this horrible president proved their horror, demanding that everyone stop and think about how it all made Trump and his white supremacist sect feel. – often with the implication that if Trump and his supporters refuse to accept defeat, maybe it hasn’t really happened.

Even before the celebrations began, former Republican senator became Trump’s paid sycophant Rick Santorum, suggested Trump supporters needed “time to figure this out,” and warned that “this is a period. very moving ”for the President’s Losers Support Base. Megyn Kelly – the former Fox News correspondent who stoked white resentment over Black Lives Matter and called attention to the breed of a fake “New Black Panthers” boogie-man – said the Trump supporters had been unfairly “relentlessly attacked“and”demonized as the worst of humanity for 4 years. Federalist editor-in-chief Mollie Hemingway – who in just one recent TV report both claimed a Trump supporter who shouted “White power!” was “sarcastic,” then ironically lamented “people advocating hatred against whites” – took to social media to defend Trump’s tender feelings, which she claimed that the media ignored the last four years. “The behavior of some personalities on the left is downright toxic and abusive” she wrote on twitter, in defense of a man who has been accused of sexual abuse by numerous women. “If a woman you know was terribly mistreated and then asked to make peace with her abuser, you would recognize her as such.

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