Trump is down right now – and Republicans should hit him

If Republicans want to win in the future, they should ditch Donald Trump as a bad habit. Etc. This is usually what happens with the loss of presidents. If they don’t, it will continue to eclipse and define the GOP, making it impossible for the next generation of Republican leaders to emerge and (just as importantly) to distance themselves from the stench of Trump.

Instead, we see a familiar sight: Republicans biding their time, while appeasing and allowing Trump’s nefarious behavior. Ted Cruz made the same miscalculation in 2015, when he aspired to “Donald”, hoping to win favor with his constituents for the time Trump inevitably dropped out of the 2016 race. Likewise, today Today, Republicans see Trump as a (possibly) defeated president who still excites and dominates the grassroots. They believe that he will surely leave and that the smart strategic decision is to show loyalty until he does.

Even if you don’t think Trump’s goal is to challenge the 2020 election – even if you think this is all a fundraising scam or just “theater” – Trump’s refusal to concede is still a problem. highly irresponsible act which undermines confidence in institutions and the GOP. Trump has no loyalty greater than his own interests; therefore, he does not worry about collateral damage.

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