Trump is in hospital with COVID, but still managed one more public appearance than Biden on Sunday – Dateway

President Trump surprised supporters gathered outside Walter Reed Medical Center as he stepped out for a short drive to greet and thank. It was one more public appearance than rival Joe Biden made on Sunday.

Trump announced the surprise visit moments earlier on Twitter:

The president also thanked the doctors and nurses, noting that “I have learned a lot about Covid. I learned it by actually going to school. This is the real school. This is not the school for reading books. And I understand, I understand it, and it’s a very interesting thing.

The president then took to the streets in his procession:

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Trump’s appearance infuriated leftists, many of whom had spent the past 24 hours celebrating and sharing their desire to see Trump die from the virus:

Les gauchistes ont également perdu leur merde sur les pièces publicitaires de la boutique de cadeaux de la Maison Blanche qui déclarent que Trump a vaincu COVID:

Les médecins de Trump, le Dr Sean Conley et le Dr Brian Garibaldi ont annoncé dimanche que le président pourrait être libéré lundi, notant que les expériences de Trump avec fièvre et essoufflement n’étaient que des incidents «transitoires».

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