Trump launches ‘Zombie Biden’ commercial on Fear the Walking Dead show Dateway

Fear The Walking Dead On AMC viewers were treated to a Trump campaign ad on Sunday informing them of how to prevent “ a zombie ” from entering the White House.

The commercial featured several clips of Biden acting oddly, with a voiceover informing viewers of the traits exhibited by the living dead.

“Look for someone with a corpse-like appearance, exhibits aggressive demeanor, longs for human flesh and emits inconsistent moans and moans,” the voice noted as footage of Biden doing all of the above played back. -plan.

“With your help, we can prevent the zombie rising,” the short announcement concludes.


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Given Biden’s endless stumbles and cerebral insufficiency, including the fact that he can’t remember who he’s running against, this was a wise move on the part of the Trump War Room.

Trump supporters found this hilarious:

Leftists didn’t get the humor:

In a move that Infowars proposed for months on end, Trump is finally ready to take down the Deep State herd and fire all previous intelligence directors and start over.

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