Trump led by supporters gathered in DC for ‘Million MAGA March’

Hundreds of people gathered in Washington, DC on Saturday to mass deny the electoral loss of Donald Trump – a protest that would not change the outcome of this month’s presidential election, but give them the chance to throw out the eyes on the loser they always claim a winner.

The event, which has alternately been dubbed the “MAGA Million March”, “Stop the Steal DC” and the “March for Trump”, was planned as a protest against widespread electoral fraud – which was not took place – and as a show of support for the lame president.

Even before the official rally start time at noon, the overwhelming feeling was that the election had been stolen from Trump. Rally participants chanted “stop flying,” which became a rallying cry for aggrieved Trump supporters in the weeks following the election.

Trump walked through the crowd in his procession just after 10 a.m., showing his signature to protesters carrying Trump 2020 placards and posters with messages like “Kamala Believes Tara Reade.”

“President Donald J. Trump has just passed the Million Maga March !!!” Million Maga March’s Twitter account tweeted breathlessly.

Saturday’s crowd drew both traditional Trump supporters and extremist groups in what appears to be one of the last gasps of the Trump era. Dozens of members of the Proud Boys marched through the streets of Washington before the event, chanting “fuck antifa”. White supremacists who marched at the 2017 murderous Charlottesville Unite the Right rally have also announced their intention to attend.

A convener was holding a giant “Q” – a reference to the QAnon conspiracy theory. A woman walking with a sign accusing President-elect Joe Biden of being a pedophile also wore a shirt stating that Kyle Rittenhouse – the teenager accused of killing two Black Lives Matter protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin – “had nothing hurts ”. Another man was wearing a shirt calling for the arrest of Dr Anthony Fauci and billionaire vaccine supporter Bill Gates.

Saturday’s list of speakers includes former Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka and Representative-elect Marjorie Taylor Greene, the QAnon believer who has just won a House seat in Georgia. Protesters later plan to march to the Supreme Court and ask the judges to step in to hand the race over to Trump.

The rally comes amid a spike in the coronavirus case in Washington, with the city government imposing a mandatory quarantine on people visiting from most states. Mask wearing during the rally was low, with at best a third of participants wearing face masks.

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