Trump mocks Sleepy Joe for needing “handlers” to rescue him after slipping into “mental fog” during Q&A – Dateway

President Trump ridiculed Democratic presidential Joe Biden for slipping into a “mental fog” while being questioned by the media on Monday, prompting his “managers” to order reporters to leave.

“They (his managers) pulled Sleepy Joe from the scene yesterday when he got lost in a ‘mental fog’. A disaster. Very few reports on this subject! Trump tweeted on Tuesday.

Trump was referring to a bizarre case of Biden appearing to lose his of thought in the midst of responding to a question about the Senate confirming Amy Coney Barrett.

“Here’s the deal. One of the things that is important is that… uh… ”Biden began.

“Keep in mind, even though they’re going to vote on… uh… Barrett… I think today…” Biden stammered.

It was at this point that his masters took action.

“Behind that line please,” a member of Biden’s staff could hear the media say as Biden stood there, struggling to find an answer.

Biden has stumbled and worked his way through the election campaign in recent weeks.

During one of his recent speeches in Pennsylvania, Biden would stumble and stutter so often that he could barely be understood.

Owen invites Jim and Joe Hoft from Gateway Pundit to the War Room to their latest breakup story on the still-developing Hunter Biden scandal.

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