Trump officials try to stay away from ‘violent toddler’

In the dying days of the Trump era, some of the president’s top political lieutenants set out on a clear mission: to distract Trump from aspects of the job that they believe could cause more pain in the country if the president gives too much money. pay attention to them.

And while Trump is increasingly isolated – and some aides hope, distracted – some of the most important members of his administration clean up the details, pursue their personal agendas, and try to prevent Trump from starting another crisis.

A senior Trump administration official described the activity around the outgoing president as a protracted act of “custody” of a “violent toddler” that aides and chief advisers hope to overcome next week without Trump no longer unleashes historic disasters.

Four other senior administration officials familiar with their conversations said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien and Vice President Mike Pence discussed continuity of government in recent years. days, including the potential risks the country faces from last week’s violence. when a Trumpist mob stormed the Capitol. Those conversations mainly focused on the need to continue operating as usual – with one important distinction: the idea now is to do so with as little communication as possible with the Oval Office, these officials said.

The idea is to steer the ship as it always has been, ”said one of these senior officials. “Everyone seems to keep their heads down and stay in their zone. There was no mention of the 25th Amendment or the deletion [Trump] from the office. It’s just, ‘Let’s go through this.’ “

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