Trump orders advisers to ‘fight’ for 2020 re-election

As Election Day turned into election week early Wednesday morning, Donald Trump had a simple message for his closest political and legal advisers as they began to develop a plan to challenge and temporarily stop the vote count. in several key states: give them a legal fight they’ll never forget.

The president’s remarks, relayed by two people who knew them, came the morning after an inconclusive election night, but one that seemed to be going in Joe Biden’s way. And for the Trump team, it was a clear call to use all possible legal resources and a little political organization to help redress the balance.

Trump told his advisers that while Biden snatched the presidency from him, he wanted them to “fight” harder than they had ever done before, said one of the sources with direct knowledge. On Wednesday afternoon, a semblance of this approach began to materialize.

In Detroit, pro-Trump protesters showed up to a counting site to demand access to officials and insist that the count be over. In Arizona, one of Trump’s closest allies in Congress, Representative Paul Gosar, issued a “call to action” for “red-blooded American patriots” to attend a rally to “protect our president. At the electoral center of Maricopa County. In Nevada, a Trump supporter interrupted a press conference with the Registrar of Electors by declaring that “the Biden crime family is stealing this election.” And throughout the day, the Trump campaign has peppered donors and supporters with text messages and emails asking for money to help fund – what it mistakenly called – an attempt by Democrats to ‘steal’ the election.

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