Trump plans rallies to mobilize Patriots – Dateway

Outgoing US President Donald Trump plans to hold a series of campaign-style rallies to continue the fight for the recount of votes in several key states following Joe Biden’s projected presidential victory , reported the Axios news portal, citing the presidential election. advisers.

According to the outlet, Trump intends to announce the creation of special vote recount teams in Georgia, Arizona and Pennsylvania.

The publication notes that during these gatherings, teams will show obituaries of people who allegedly voted but who are actually dead. The US media had previously reported that there had been several instances of “dead soul” voting in elections.

While the official results of the 2020 US presidential election are yet to be known, a number of world leaders and politicians have already congratulated Biden, who delivered a speech to the nation with his running mate, Kamala Harris, on Saturday, claiming their victory in the presidential race.

All major American media have already declared Biden the winner.

Trump argued that the race was not yet over and said the election was fraudulent and his campaign would start to claim victory in court.

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Alex Jones breaks down Joe Biden’s new task force plan and how he will attempt to force President Trump to implement it.

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