Trump pursues frantic fundraising by falsely claiming ‘stolen election’

The 2020 presidential election is coming to the wire, and both candidates have potential paths to victory. But President Donald Trump’s campaign is already considering the legal battles it has pledged to wage against states it baselessly accused of “stealing” elections for Biden. And it is a question of constituting a war chest to finance the effort.

Trump’s 2020 campaign has been hampered by cash shortages and allegations of financial mismanagement. The team there has already taken steps in the days leading up to the election to keep contributions in circulation until mid-December. His post-election money blitz could provide additional funding to continue arguing the election in court.

From midnight Tuesday to about 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, the Trump campaign and its joint Republican National Committee fundraising account sent nine emails to their supporters asking them to provide additional funds. “The results are coming and we are on the right track to win big,” an email sent under the name of Vice President Mike Pence said Wednesday morning. “But it’s only a matter of time before Democrats try to steal the election and manipulate the results … We need your help to make sure we have the proper resources to protect the results.”

On Wednesday morning, the campaign also sent out SMS calls claiming that “Dems & Fake News want to STEAL this election!” and the promise of a “1000%” match for donations.

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