Trump risks losing 2020 presidential election, but racism remains the American way

I feel pretty confident right now saying I know white people better than they know themselves.

This is the only conclusion I can logically come to now that all of those predictions of white Trump voters abandoning Donald Trump turned out to be as wrong as I predicted. After four years of white lilies editorial staff reporting about ‘Trump supporters strongly supporting Trump’, the media ignored their own findings and instead came up with a new reason to grab the attention of white Trump voters – an imaginary #Whexit, in which white voters would finally suddenly see the error of their ways and abandon Trump in droves. This, of course, did not happen. And anyone paying attention to the story, even for the past 200 weeks, should have recognized it as a fantasy.

There will be more of the same kind of political pie-in-the-sky fantasies accompanying the preparation of a “Biden restoration” from “the Trump interregnum,” but the basics remain the same. Four years ago, the majority of white voters, imagining that the first black presidency was an omen of declining white heteropatriarchal power, ignored the fact that Trump was an incompetent liar and a sexual predator who did things like talk about height of his penis during debates. , because they liked his racism. Now, after four years of watching the Trump administration dismantle the rights of blacks and other non-whites – putting brown children in cages, reinstating a federal death penalty that disproportionately kills blacks, repealing an anti-segregation rule housing, stripping the natives of their land – they voted for it again for the same reason.

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