Trump runs election, considering disputed results in six states – Dateway

President Trump is leading the 232-227 electoral tally if contested states facing election fraud complaints are not yet counted.

The president has won two states in the past 24 hours, North Carolina and Alaska, and he is now leading the race if the six states at the center of voter fraud investigations are not counted.

Rumors are circulating that Trump officials were monitoring election results in every state for evidence of electronic voter interference that was captured, particularly how Trump’s votes were “magically” returned to Biden.

And, interestingly, Trump, his cabinet, and even Republicans in Congress are very confident that the president will ultimately be reelected.

For example, when asked how his department would handle a transition to the “Biden administration,” Sec. State Secretary Mike Pompeo said it would be a smooth transition to a “second Trump administration” – and Pompeo isn’t exactly known to be too bloated.

Plus, President Trump has been optimistic all week.

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But, perhaps more importantly, many blue-blooded GOP senators, who aren’t exactly fans of President Trump, have taken his side instead of joining Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) in condemning the president. for not “having conceded the election. “

The fact that President Trump exceeded all expectations in conquering large blocs of minority voters who rarely vote Republican also makes cases of voter fraud all the more evident as Biden relied on those voters to legitimately advance, which explains why part why the DNC wanted Biden as their candidate.

In other words, the gap in legitimate votes between Trump and Biden was so large that it probably took a lot more frauds than expected to give Biden the edge.

Of course, the more fraud there is, the more obvious it is.

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