Trump saw through Sacha Baron Cohen’s hoax and knew he was a ‘total fraud’ in 2003 – Dateway

British -wing activist Sacha Baron Cohen resurfaced in the news this week as corporate media make a lot of noise about his new due to the focus on Donald Trump’s lawyer Giuliani , who was criticized for telling a story focusing on the Biden family scandals to the New York .

Cohen’s signature interview style, in which he harasses people under a false identity in an attempt to get them to say something embarrassing or politically incorrect, has been praised for its effectiveness in bringing everyday Americans to life and conservative politicians in an unflattering light.

One of Cohen’s more rarely mentioned interviews, however, is what should have been the most famous: a 2003 meeting with Donald Trump, who became President of the United States as a Republican.

Owen and Jacob Engels break down the dirty activist Sacha Baron Cohen played on Guiliani.

The interview went as Cohen expected, as Trump easily saw through the activist’s disguise and ended the conversation sharply, leaving Cohen visibly shaken.

After Trump answered Cohen’s ridiculous first question, “When did businesses start,” the self-proclaimed comedian attempted to pitch a bogus business idea to the real estate mogul.

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Trump, who was already visibly annoyed with Cohen, curtly told the comedian to tell him the idea “very quickly.”

After Cohen gave his speech, Trump said goodbye and stood up, ending the interview. The comedian’s attempts to convince Trump to stay fell on deaf ears as the future president the stage.

Trump then recalled the incident during a White House interview with Dave Portnoy of Barstool in July.

“I don’t know if you remember, you were on the Ali G show before, and you were the only one who felt it was a fake interview and everything,” Portnoy said.

Trump was surprised that Portnoy remembered the 2003 interview, which was not marketed heavily probably due to his inability to embarrass Trump.

“But you’re right, I was the only one,” Trump said. “I said, ‘This guy is a total fraud,’ and I .”

The president added, “That’s right, I said, ‘What’s going on with this guy?’ And I just felt like it was a bogus deal. And he said he was a UK broadcasting company, they called with all beautiful voice, “this is UK broadcasting” and then this guy introduced himself. “

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