Trump says Biden beat him in rigged election via tweets

트럼프, 바 이든 조작 된 승리 트윗 했다 가 “아무것도 인정 안 해” In a tweet on Sunday, US President Donald Trump appeared to admit to being defeated by Joe Biden … but only in what he called a rigged election . The tweet says Biden “won” … but only in the eyes of the media, … and he called the mail-in vote a “bad joke”. a long way to go, an apparent reference to the efforts of its lawyers. Legal challenges from the Trump campaign and its allies have for the most part been dismissed. There will be a recount in Georgia, but that’s because the vote was so tight and not because of any alleged irregularities in the initial count. 2020-11-16, 19:00 (KST) #Trump #election #tweets .

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