Trump says getting infected makes him a better president

President Donald Trump boasted on Sunday morning that his recent fight with the coronavirus had made him “immune” to COVID-19 and therefore a better president, speaking of himself in third person while stating that he was “in very good shape to fight the battles.” “

Calling on pro-Trump Fox News host Maria Bartiromo for the second time in four days, the president traced back the recent statement by White House doctor Dr Sean Conley – who admittedly lied about the president’s coronavirus diagnosis in the past – which claims that it is no longer considered a risk of transmission.

“Does that mean you no longer have COVID, sir?” Bartiromo asked.

“Yes. And not just that, it looks like I’m immune,” the president exclaimed. “So I can get out of a basement, which I would have done anyway and what I have. done because you gotta run a country, you gotta get out of the basement, and it looks like I’m immune to, I don’t I don’t know, maybe a long time, maybe a short time. It could be a lifetime Nobody really knows, but I’m immune.

“The president is therefore in very good shape to fight the battles,” he added.

Bartiromo then said she wanted to give Trump the opportunity to “respond to your criticisms,” noting that he was taking heat over his plan to kick off the election campaign for large public rallies this week despite his recent diagnosis of coronavirus and the possibility that it will still get rid of the virus. Trump dismissed any concerns, again emphasizing his doctor’s statement while saying the virus had in fact made him better.

“I have conquered this horrible, crazy Chinese virus,” Trump proclaimed. “And that also gives you immunity. I mean, it gives you immunity … I passed the highest test, the highest standards, and I’m in great shape.

“I have to tell you that I feel fantastic. I feel really good, ”he continued. “And I even feel good that, you know, the word immunity means something – to really have a protective glow does mean something.” I think it’s very important to have that, it’s very important to have that.

Research on immunity to COVID-19 after being infected is mixed, with studies showing that “immunity to other coronaviruses tends to be short-lived, with re-infections occurring quite often around 12 months later and, in some cases even earlier ”.

After defending the way he handled the pandemic that killed 215,000 Americans, claiming he had saved millions of lives thanks to his administration’s response, the President then suggested to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, to create a “Presidential Capacity Commission” to give Congress the ability to use the 25th Amendment was not intended for it.

“Well, I think she’s talking about Joe Biden because, to be honest with you, he’s the one with the problem and obviously it’s obvious to anyone watching him speak. He’s the one who has the problem, ”Trump said of the Democratic presidential candidate.

Trump, meanwhile, insisted he was no longer taking drugs to treat his coronavirus before once again touting the expensive experimental cocktail of monoclonal antibodies that he has repeatedly called a “miracle cure” for the virus.

“The drugs I took were standard, pretty much routine, other than the miracle one, the antibodies, which is amazing how it works,” he said. “And we’re going to deliver this to hospitals. We are awaiting emergency use authorization. And we’re going to deliver this to hospitals across the country to take care of us and ultimately all over the world. Because it is amazing.

“It’s really – I know people call it therapy, but to me it’s a cure,” Trump added. “Okay? For me it’s a cure. I think it’s more than therapy.

Bartiromo, meanwhile, stepped in with what she called breakup and blockbuster news about the former vice president’s health, implying Biden’s condition is far more serious than expected. thought so before.

“Mr. President, I previously reported on Fox Business that my medical sources told me Joe Biden has two brain aneurysms,” she exclaimed breathlessly. “Not one, but two brain aneurysms. I pray to God that’s not true, but my medical sources are solid on this, that he had two brain aneurysms.

“I hope he’s okay,” she continued. “Do you think he should disclose this, and are you willing to commit to telling us any issues that may have been in the past for you if he gets clear and tells us exactly what the issue is in terms of mental problems we need to know? For example, those two brain aneurysms that I have mentioned in the past? “

While Bartiromo implied that these were fairly recent developments that Biden was trying to keep a secret, the fact is that both aneurysms have been common knowledge for decades. Both aneurysms were discovered and treated in 1988 and Biden’s doctor recently noted that the ex-veep “has never had an aneurysm recurrence” and a CT angiogram in 2014 found it to be clear.

Biden’s campaign, meanwhile, openly mocked Bartiromo for apparently suggesting the former VP was keeping this a secret while citing “medical sources” about his past health issues.

Trump insisted that he personally had “no medical problems” and that his battle with the coronavirus was his very first, adding that it had been “artificially induced by China”. He also called on Biden to “be clear” about aneurysms before suggesting that the presidential hopeful is in fact suffering from coronavirus.

“And speaking of Joe Biden, if you look at Joe, where he coughed horribly yesterday and grabbed his mask as he coughed and spoke and grabbed his mask and coughed,” he said. “And I don’t know what it was, and it didn’t get much publicity because the press doesn’t understand it, but he was coughing pretty badly yesterday, I have to tell you, and it wasn’t a good thing to watch. And as he coughs, he grabs his mask with his fingers. You might want to look into that as well.

It seemed like Trump’s effort to distract from his recent coughing fit during his interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

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