Trump says he will fight. His campaign HQ literally takes his name.

President Donald Trump’s small circle of dedicated lawyers are determined to continue their fight to overthrow the 2020 election despite a resounding series of court defeats, including a seemingly terminal reprimand from the Supreme Court on Friday.

For Trump’s actual campaign, however, the fight is basically over. The president’s political machine still raises money, buys ads, and publicly insists it fight. But the futility of the effort is evident in the campaign headquarters in northern Virginia – the office that is supposedly dedicated to supporting and housing the Legal Crusade – which, according to informed sources at the Daily Beast , has practically emptied.

“It’s a ghost town now, with people waiting for the end,” a person familiar with campaign operations told The Daily Beast over the weekend.

“It’s a ghost town now, with people waiting for the end.“

– Someone familiar with campaign operations

According to this source and another person familiar with the situation, a large quantity of the Trump-Pence signs have been removed from the headquarters walls in Arlington, Virginia. Desks and memorabilia have largely been wrapped up, thrown away or removed from office space. TVs, mounted on the walls around the rented 14th floor of the building, are sold for additional cash. Staff members’ affairs are even more thoroughly cleaned up now than when the campaign was in the aftermath of downsizing last month.

The election fraud hotline room in Arlington created in the wake of election night was also dismantled last month, after it became a tortuous room for mid-level staff, and a useless magnet for appeals. crank, violent threats and fart noises the phones. And for an hour and a half that Sunday afternoon, there was no sign of any campaign official entering or exiting the building – although, to be fair, it was the weekend.

While a physical downsizing is underway, the official position of the outgoing President, his White House, and his re-election team (or what remains of them) is that Trump has won the election he visibly has. lost to Joe Biden. “We will never give up!” Trump claimed on Twitter on Sunday evening.

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