Trump says he’s ‘beyond serious’ about 2024 race fox video

President again hinted strongly that he was preparing for a race in 2024 on Monday and urged the GOP to get on MAGA’s agenda if it wants to win back Congress next year.

spoke to Fox News host Sean Hannity, noting, “I’m looking at him very seriously, beyond serious.”

“From a legal standpoint, I don’t really want to talk about it yet, it’s a bit too early,” added.

While details were scarce, said a race hinged on the presence of the “right ” in the Senate and House, and that he planned to play a major role in the mid-term campaigns.

“If they need a rally, we’ll do a rally, we’ll make calls, we’ll do all kinds of things,” Trump said, adding that “almost everyone I approve of wins.”

Trump has said that if Republicans “want to win and win big,” they must enroll in his “Make America ” program.

Trump pointed out: “Look, I have huge numbers … there is more popularity [for me] now that there were none the day before the election, because they see how bad things are at the border. They see what’s going on, they see that their guns are going to disappear… their taxes go up. Regulations are exploding. Employment [losses] will go up … ”

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Trump described the border crisis as “a horrible situation [that] could destroy our country ”, adding:“ There has never been anything like what happened at our border and are arriving by the tens of thousands.

Regarding gun control, Trump said, “I don’t know if knows what’s going on. [the Second Amendment], because I think you’ve got a cabal, you’ve got a bunch of setting around a table and just saying, do this, do this, do this. They give him these things to sign.

Owen reacts to Biden’s recent statement on the 2nd Amendment.

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