Trump says ‘world is watching’ US constitution ‘broken’ in 2020 election

The president refused to concede the presidential race, saying this year’s election was rigged by Democrats in favor of Joe Biden, citing, aside from everything else, that preliminary results showed he was leading in several states, which were then taken over by Biden.

US President Donald Trump took to Twitter to say the Constitution should be protected from those responsible for alleged election violations, as he said “large numbers” of poll observers have been “kicked out of elections. counting rooms in many of our states. And that millions of ballots were changed by Democrats. His tweets were immediately flagged and tagged by the social media platform as a “disputed allegation” regarding alleged electoral fraud in the presidential election.

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Previously, he had shared in a tweet that major legal proceedings had come to show “the unconstitutionality of the 2020 elections”. Trump also said many lawsuits over suggested irregularities were brought not by his administration, but by Americans who had witnessed “horrific abuse.”

In a tweet several hours earlier, Trump said: “[Biden] won because the election was rigged, ”which sparked a lot of fuss on social media, with netizens wondering if he had conceded. However, the president clarified later in another tweet that he did not concede anything, suggesting that he will continue the legal battle against what he calls electoral fraud.

The counting of votes continues

Although the presidential election took place almost two weeks ago, the final result has yet to be announced, as all states must certify their election results. As of today, the mainstream American media is projecting Democrat Biden as president-elect. The former vice president of the Obama administration has already claimed victory in the presidential race, describing his “first steps in office” and choosing the new White House chief of staff.

Although Biden has already had phone conversations with several executives, he does not receive daily intelligence briefings, which has fueled complaints from his team. His transition assistant, Jen Psaki, said the team wanted “to have access to intelligence information” so that they could “prepare to rule.”

However, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence said earlier this week that it will not contact Biden’s transition team until the General Service administration determines that Biden is the likely elected president.

Rigged election

Trump has so far refused to give in, saying this year’s election was marked by massive fraud and election irregularities. The president cited evidence from fake ballots, the dead vote, possible machine system problems, adding that Republican observers were not allowed to watch counting of votes. He also argued that on Election Day night polls in several key states showed him a winner, but the situation changed in a matter of hours to show Biden ahead.

“He won because the election was rigged. NO OBSERVERS OR VOTING OBSERVERS allowed, vote tabulated by a private radical leftist company Dominion with a bad reputation and gear that couldn’t even qualify for Texas (which I won a lot! ), The Fake & Silent Media, and more! Trump tweeted earlier Sunday.

Following the preliminary results, Trump called for the suspension of the counting of votes and inquiries into suggested violations. His campaign has filed several lawsuits in several states, including Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada and Michigan, citing voting irregularities.

In a phone interview with TV host and investigative journalist Geraldo Rivera, Trump said he was a “realist” who will do “the right things” but wanted to see “what states are doing in terms of certification ”. He told Rivera that if he was “convinced that every legitimate vote had been counted and every illegitimate vote had been rejected,” he would definitely concede.

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