Trump Sh * ts team on Barr’s fake crusade against voter fraud

It was such an outrageous note that it prompted a senior Justice Department official to resign on the spot. But for Donald Trump’s declining group of loyalists in the White House, that still wasn’t enough.

On Monday, Attorney General Bill Barr “authorized” justice officials to investigate allegations of electoral irregularities. But his memo practically admitted that there was little to no evidence of such voter fraud. The document warned that “specious, speculative, fanciful or far-fetched claims should not serve as a basis for opening federal investigations” and that “nothing here should be taken as an indication that the ministry has concluded that voting irregularities have occurred. had an impact on the election result. “

The memo sparked a new wave of criticism that the president and his allies were prepared to sacrifice the country’s democratic foundations in the pursuit of power. However, even these steps were not enough to satisfy the Trump team. Shortly after Barr’s statement was broken, officials close to the president and working on his re-election effort said they believed the note could give the president and Rudy Giuliani yet another element to incorporate into their message of war on free and fair election results, but that he would not prove to be the legal game changer they needed.

“It’s not what some of us wanted. It’s not what I wanted, ”said a senior official on Trump’s re-election effort, following news of the DOJ memo. “This will give the president [and others] something to play with for a while, but until Bill Barr kicks in or shuts up we’re still where we are. [have been]. “

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