Trump staff to interview witnesses over Nevada election fraud – Dateway

Staff from the re-election campaign for outgoing US President Donald Trump have been allowed to question witnesses in Nevada about alleged violations in the November 3 presidential election, the press secretary of the United States told Fox News. White House, Kayleigh McEnany.

According to McEnany, talks with witnesses from Nevada could take place on Wednesday and Thursday.

The White House press secretary also accused Democrats of hampering Trump’s team by questioning witnesses and asking questions about the US election.

Trump himself said on Twitter that a “Nevada judge ordered Clark County officials to allow inspection of election materials and sealed containers,” used in the election.

Trump previously promised to release “shocking” data on the Nevada vote. The president’s representatives in Nevada filed a complaint with the state attorney’s office, saying 3,026 people who had previously left the state voted illegally by mail.

U.S. media have projected Democratic candidate Joe Biden to be the winner in the November 3 presidential election, and election officials in several battlefield states have certified his victory. Biden declared the victory in a nationwide speech, as did Trump, who said his victory was stolen by massive fraud.

Trump has called for recounts in several states and sued in state and federal courts, saying only legal votes should be counted and illegal votes should be rejected. Some states said they found no evidence of substantial fraud and irregularities.

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