Trump State Department aide Federico Klein hit cops on Capitol Hill with a riot shield Jan.6, FBI said

A person named by Trump, who was still employed at the State Department when he allegedly hit U.S. Capitol Police with a riot shield and pushed out a mob of insurgents, was arrested for his role on January 6.

Federico Klein, a 42-year-old State Department aide with a higher security clearance, faces a range of charges, including unlawful entry and assaulting an officer with a dangerous weapon, according to a criminal complaint obtained for the first time The Times.

Prosecutors allege Klein, who also worked on Trump’s campaign in 2016, “engaged physically and verbally with the officers holding the line” before assaulting a police officer with a riot shield – and use this stolen police equipment to open a door in the Capitol to allow insurgents. inside.

“We need fresh people, we need fresh people!” Klein, who wears a red MAGA hat, is heard screaming in a YouTube video as people stormed the building and police struggled to hold back the crowds.

By his initial court appearance on Friday, Klein’s appetite for chaos had calmed down. After Judge Zia Faruqui read Klein her charges, Klein let it be known that he was not happy with the conditions in a DC jail.

“I wonder if there’s a place I can stay in detention where I don’t have cockroaches crawling all over me while I’m trying to sleep … I mean, I really don’t have much.” slept, your honor. It would be nice if I could sleep in a place where there weren’t any cockroaches everywhere, ”Klein said, according to The Washington post.

Prosecutors argued Friday that Klein should be detained pending trial for assaulting an officer. A federal advocate, however, insisted that Klein’s charges did not constitute a crime of violence and that he should be released on proper terms.

Klein’s Thursday night arrest in Virginia, first reported by Politico, marked the first time a member of the Trump administration has faced charges in connection with the murderous siege. More than 300 people have been charged in connection with the riot that followed a speech by Trump in which he whipped up the false claim that he won the November 2020 election.

According to the complaint, Klein was identified by people who saw the FBI’s social media campaign with photos of rioters on Capitol Hill. The FBI also noted that he still had top-secret clearance for his work in the Brazilian and Southern Cone Office until his resignation on January 19.

Another tipster reported Klein’s Facebook account to the federal government as “Freddie Klein,” according to court documents. On Klein’s Facebook page, he is seen in photos of a group covered in MAGA material – and in another enjoying multiple Miller High Lifes.

According to a ProPublica database of those appointed by Trump, Klein worked as a special assistant in the Office of Brazilian and Southern Cone Affairs after joining the State Department on January 22, 2017, where he was paid $ 66,510.

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