Trump supporter took off Twitter after election fraud, #StopTheSteal Tweet – Dateway

Twitter suspended former U.S. House candidate DeAnna Lorraine (R-Calif.) On Tuesday after warning voters to be on the lookout for election interference.

A screenshot of the offensive tweet provided to Infowars shows Lorraine simply commented on the possibility of voter fraud, even going so far as to misspell “fraud”.

“It is getting scary for people. Fr0d being reported everywhere, ”Lorraine tweeted, adding“ #StopTheSteal !! “

It’s unclear which part of Lorraine’s tweet violated Twitter policies, but a small content warning states, “Some or all of the content shared in this Tweet is disputed and could be misleading about an election.” or some other civic process.

According to NBC News, the offensive tweet may have concerned the dangers of uncontrolled illegal immigration, and Lorraine has been permanently suspended:

Former congressional candidate DeAnna Lorraine Tesoriero was suspended from Twitter on Tuesday afternoon shortly after the publication of a tweet baseless claiming immigrants would enter the United States and commit violence if Trump is not elected . Twitter told NBC News that Tesoriero’s account, which had more than 393,000 subscribers, “has been permanently suspended for repeated violations of Twitter’s rules.”

Twitter users immediately became aware of Lorraine’s suspension.

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