Trump supporters and armed cops in San Diego antifa attack – Dateway

An Antifa group armed with a baseball bat, bottles and chemical spray attacked a group of Trump supporters during a protest in San Diego. Antifa also threw glass bottles, stones and eggs at a line of police trying to maintain order.

A video tweeted by Fox5’s Paul Makarushka shows a large group of Antifa counter-protesters attempting to surround a group of Trump supporters. A man is seen waving an Antifa flag above the head of one of Trump’s supporters. Another can be seen wielding a baseball bat.

Breaking down the events of January 6 under the pretext, context to MSM’s portrayal of the events of January 6, yet it appears that Antifa has unleashed a violent coup that will be used to rally the patriots.

The video shows an Antifa man with a bat approaching a few Trump supporters with a bat while another suffocates the couple with pepper spray. As Trump’s supporters retreat, they are attacked with several large objects thrown at them. Multiple fights break out.

As the police arrived and attempted to separate the groups, Antifa began throwing eggs and bottles at the police, Fox5 San Diego reported.

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San Diego Police officials ultimately declared the protest an illegal gathering, due to acts of violence.

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