Trump supporters breach security on Capitol Hill, clash with riot police – Dateway

Trump supporters breached multiple layers of security fencing at the Capitol Building in Washington, DC, sparking clashes with riot police.

Some say the protesters are trying to occupy the Capitol building.

“It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Thousands, the police can’t stop them, ”Elijah Schaffer tweeted.

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The showdown came after President Trump delivered a speech to thousands of people at the March For Trump rally, which brought together people from across the country.

The scenes are no different from the months of unruly protests by the Black Lives Matter agitators, which the media called “peaceful,” so presumably they will have no problem with that.

In fact, the media has been extolling the threat of right-wing groups attending the march for weeks and is likely to hyperventilate as the scenes unfold, although they have supported similar behavior by BLM and Antifa activists for several weeks. months.



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