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Trump supporters wonder why Joe Biden has so many votes, in Georgia’s case nearly 96,000, in major swing states compared to the number of people who voted for Democratic senators on the same ticket.

Usually, voters choose both their preferred president and the political party corresponding to that president when it comes to choosing their candidate for Congress.

“An overwhelming share of voters who support Trump and Biden say they also support the same party candidate for the Senate,” Pew reported ahead of the election.

However, in major swing states the numbers that should normally be close show huge differences when it comes to Joe Biden.

For example, in Georgia, 2,414,651 voted for Biden versus 2,318,850 who voted for the Democratic senator – a difference of 95,801.

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This compares to a difference between the votes for Trump and the Republican Senator of just 818.

“When you count on a third party vote, it looks like tens of thousands of mysterious Biden votes without a ticket vote,” Twitter user US Rebel commented.

We see a similar case in Michigan, where 2,787,544 voted for Biden versus 2,718,451 who voted for the Democratic senator – a difference of 69,093.

In Michigan, the difference for Trump was only 7,131.

Now compare that to voting in non-swing states like Wyoming where there was no incentive for Democrats to engage in “ballot stuffing.”

The difference for Biden is only 725 votes.

“What’s going on here? If it was ‘never-Trumpers’ pairing Biden with their GOP congressional picks? If so, we would expect fewer votes for Trump than for GOP senators Comments Zero Hedge.



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