Trump tears up McConnell, GOP senators over ‘not fighting’ for him amid ‘biggest scam in US history’ – Dateway

After the Electoral College vote on December 14, Republican Majority Leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, addressed Joe Biden for the first time as “President-elect,” congratulating him on his victory and praising him as “Not being a stranger to the Senate”. A number of other high-level GOP members followed suit, sparking Trump’s disdain.

Outgoing US President Donald Trump has targeted Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other high-ranking Republicans, accusing them of failing in the GOP’s fight against the election result presidential election of 2020, which Trump said was “rigged and stolen.”

While only a Jan. 6 joint session on Capitol Hill separates Trump from liberation from the White House, as President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration approaches, Donald Trump suggested that Senate Republicans had done ” nothing ”to counter the alleged electoral fraud, which had been“ proven to a level never seen before ”.

He further drew parallels with the Democrats’ reactions, should they face a similar situation:

“Democratic senators would view this as an act of war and fight to the death,” Trump tweeted his disappointment. “Mitch and the Republicans are doing NOTHING, just wanting to let it go. NO BANGING! ”He continued in his emotional tweets on Saturday.

In follow-up messages, the outgoing head of state also called out the Justice Department and the FBI, accusing them of turning a blind eye to “the biggest scam in our country’s history, despite overwhelming evidence” .

“They should be ashamed of themselves. History will be remembered. Never give up. See everyone in DC on January 6, ”POTUS said.

Attorney General William Barr, who headed the DOJ, notably spent his last day in the role on Wednesday, after earlier announcing his intention to resign.

Calling on Republican senators to finally “step up and fight for the presidency,” as Democrats would “if they had actually won,” Trump cited “compelling” evidence of the alleged fraud, including “ballots. massive late night voting in swing states’ with Biden’s name, stuffed ballot boxes, double voters, deceased voters, etc. such as the discrepancies between the ballots sent and the number of those received by election commissions , etc.

Trump’s tweets on Saturday were all accompanied by a warning saying, “This claim about voter fraud is disputed” – what the POTUS team saw as blatant censorship.

Additionally, on Saturday, Trump defended his legal team after reporting that potential sanctions against them were being pursued by Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel after the Trump campaign challenged the swing state election results, which were pending. favor of the Democratic candidate.

“These lawyers are true patriots who stand up for the truth and obviously come very close,” Trump wrote. “AG should be sanctioned. Fight!”

Electoral college meets to vote

After the Dec. 14 Electoral College vote, which confirmed 306 votes for Biden and 232 for Trump, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called Biden the “president-elect” for the first time, suggesting he was ready to agree to the Democrat becoming CEO in less than a month.

A few other Republicans quickly followed in his footsteps.

“At some point you have to face the music,” South Dakota Sen. John Thune told The Associated Press on Monday. “Once the Electoral College has settled the matter today, it is time for everyone to move on.”

Trump and his team have been legally contesting the election results in major battlefield states since the preliminary results began to arrive.

Although most court cases have been dismissed due to “lack of evidence,” and the Supreme Court has also blocked Republicans’ efforts, Trump has so far refused to concede, continuing to claim “massive electoral fraud And claiming that the only thing he is after a legal ballot count. However, he recently asked White House officials to prepare for the next transition of power.

President Trump informs the American people of his continued fight to defeat those who attempt to steal the 2020 election and destroy the republic.

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