Trump teleprompter at CPAC is America’s most tired act

On the third of the CPAC conference, I usually want to die, just because watching all the propaganda and self-glorification is exhausting and also kind of scary. But this year there was a kind of angst that I never felt as the former or 45th President of the United States was speaking.

We haven’t heard much from the former guy since January 6th. Part of it is because he was taken off social media for all of his lies about the election and his encouragement of violence, part of it is that Trump is no longer president, he is no longer president. has more importance. We don’t want to uplift Trump, but you ignore him at your peril; after all, Trump is the spiritual leader of the Republican Party, and if you don’t think so, take a look at the real star of CPAC’s breakthrough, the massive gold statue that was made (in Mexico) in his image. .

Officially, the theme for this year’s CPAC is “America Uncancelled”. Unofficially, “unreality” is the unofficial theme of this year’s confab, and it’s been exposed in spades. Just before Trump continued, failed Congressional candidate Angela Stanton King defended his belief in QAnon, and Jim Jordan called Trump “President. “

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