Trump to withdraw most troops from Somalia – Dateway

President Donald Trump has ordered the withdrawal of most U.S. military and security personnel from Somalia, where they were operating against the militant group Al-Shabaab, the Pentagon said on Friday.

Trump “ordered the Department of Defense and the United States Africa Command to reposition the majority of personnel and assets outside Somalia by early 2021,” he said in a statement.

The Defense Department stressed that the United States “is not withdrawing or disengaging from Africa”, amid fears of a withdrawal from various parts of the continent. “We will continue to degrade the violent extremist organizations that could threaten our homeland while ensuring that we maintain our strategic advantage in high power competition,” he said.

The US Africa Command has maintained some 700 troops, personnel from other US security operations and private security contractors in Somalia, both carrying out attacks against Al-Shabaab and training Somali forces.

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A caller to the war room worries that the military is one of the first groups to be brought in to take the experimental COVID vaccine.

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