Trump tries to raving, raging and bluffing beyond the facts in Georgia

For for the past five years I’ve criticized Donald Trump from the perspective of a NeverTrump curator. Long before I got down that escalator, he hit me not only as a bad leader, but also as a bad the person– one determined to bring his party and his country with him. He showed it again in Georgia on Monday night, campaigning less for Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue than for himself, as if voters hadn’t already delivered their verdict on his own campaign.

But he’s still campaigning, speaking of how his biggest rallies prove he can’t and hasn’t been beaten, even after losing, by many. Talk about “your wacky secretary of state” and tick off the same confused and outright fictitious “facts” about how he allegedly earned that he got caught trying in vain to pressure the secretary of state in vain. Republican state Brad Raffensperger to quash the will of Georgian voters in the president’s latest “perfect call”. He spoke of Loeffler and Perdue but also of his return to punish Raffensperger and Governor Brian Kemp, both Republicans, for refusing to steal the election from him. Instead, in her muddled account, the Republicans were working with Stacey Abrams on behalf of the Dominion.

Trump on Monday night, in his element while absorbing the energy of the unmasked crowd, reminded me of Wile E. Coyote standing on the cliff’s edge and still walking – until he looked down. The Coyote can’t stop chasing the Roadrunner, and Trump can’t stop being Trump. So he was there at a half-ass rally nominally trying to save the Republican candidates that he might have just sabotaged as if he had sabotaged himself, talking endlessly that he is a winner despite all the odds. evidence to the contrary, from all the way things were stolen from her, and through her biggest “hits” until tearing Hillary Clinton apart.

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