Trump tweets Biden "won" election because it was rigged, swear to fight

트럼프 “그가 조작 으로” iden 했다 “saying 인정한 것 아냐” US President Donald Trump tweeted about Joe Biden on Sunday, … saying he “won” the election because it was rigged. After media outlets, including CNN, said the tweet sounded like the start of recognition, … President Trump disagreed, … returning to Twitter to explain that Biden only won in the eyes of the “fake news media”, adding that he will not concede. President Trump’s tweet was tagged by Twitter, … who said his claims about electoral fraud were “disputed.” 2020-11-16, 07:00 (KST) #Trump #Presidential_election #Biden 📣 Arirang News (Facebook): 📣 Arirang News (Twitter): 📣 News Center (YouTube) :.

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