Trump united Americans in a popular front for democracy

Democracy receives another kick in the teeth today when the Senate votes to uphold an illegitimate Supreme Court candidate. Mitch McConnell is an enemy of democracy. The same goes for Lindsey Graham, as do all the senators who vote for this madness – the first time in the history of this country that a Supreme Court judge has been confirmed in the second half of d ‘an election year.

Amy Coney Barrett is of course complicit in all of this, although she is not yet an enemy of democracy. If, however, the tribunal after she appoints her is asked to rule on this election and she does not recuse herself and vote in favor of the political interests of the president who appointed her, then she will also join the club. .

As others have observed, this election is not Democrats against Republicans. These are the Democrats, the small and the authoritarian. The Republican Party is no longer a democratic party. Republicans are interested in our democratic institutions only to the extent that they can use and distort them in order to retain power.

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