Trump unveils Biden in Frank Luntz debate panel of undecided voters after latest presidential debate – Dateway

President Donald Trump absolutely dominated Joe Biden in the second and final presidential debate, according to pollster Frank Luntz’s focus group of undecided voters from the swing states.


After the debate was over, Luntz asked 13 undecided voters who are currently registered to vote in one of the 13 swing states and describe themselves as “possible” Biden or Trump voters they would vote for if the election takes place today. ‘hui.

Nine raised their hands for Trump.

Only one raised his hand for Joe Biden.

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Everyone has raised their hands to say that Trump is better economically.

The focus group said it doesn’t care about Trump’s (illegally disclosed) taxes and “it’s not enough that Biden is anti-Trump.”

It must have been devastating for Luntz, who earlier this week attempted to make history by claiming that the Trump campaign was the “worst in history” and that his advisers had “their heads held high” if they think so. that Hunter Biden’s relationship is a winning problem for them.

“Nobody cares about Hunter Biden… why [Trump] spend all his time with him? Luntz said.

“Hunter Biden is not helping to put on the table. Hunter Biden does not help anyone find a job. Hunter Biden does not provide health care and does not solve COVID. And Donald Trump spends all of his time focusing on this and nobody cares.

“If Donald Trump does not score a knockout [in the final debate] so there’s not enough campaign or mind sharing to give him a chance to catch Joe Biden, ”Luntz said.

As I said in writing my debate, Trump delivered in spades.

Although Luntz tweeted everything on his discussion group on Thursday night, he failed to mention that they said they would vote Trump on Biden 9-1.

Incidentally, Luntz himself was drawn into the Hunter Biden story after Steve Bannon’s crew leaked one of his emails to Hunter.

His response appears to confirm the authenticity of the emails.

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