Trump urges ‘no violence, no breaking the law, no vandalism’, RNC calls for peaceful transition – Dateway

With tens of thousands of National Guard troops deployed in Washington DC, President Trump on Wednesday urged the American public to refrain from violence before the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden, again calling for a peaceful transition from power.

Unable to deliver his statement through any form of social media, President Trump asked Fox News to release the following short comment:

“In light of the reports of other demonstrations, I urge that there be NO violence, NO breaking of the law and NO vandalism of any kind.

It is not what I represent and it is not what America represents. I call on ALL Americans to help ease tensions and calm people down.

Thank you.”

A Trump adviser told Fox News that the statement will be emailed from the White House press office. The White House will then attempt to publish the statement on all of Trump’s official social media accounts.

Additionally, Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel issued the following statement:

“Violence has no place in our politics. Period. I fully condemned the senseless acts of violence of the past week, and I strongly reiterate the calls to remain peaceful in the weeks to come.

Those who participated in the assault on our nation’s Capitol and those who continue to threaten violence should be found, held accountable and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Let me be clear: Anyone with malicious intent is not welcome in Washington, DC or any other state capitol.

The peaceful transition of power is one of the founding principles of our nation and is necessary for our country to move forward. The time has come to come together as one nation united in the peaceful pursuit of our common democratic goal. “

Given the hyperbole displayed in the House during the impeachment debate, we strongly doubt that these calls for unity will go far.

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