Trump wants to oust FBI Director Chris Wray after election

President Donald Trump has struggled to articulate a second-term agenda. But there’s one thing he can’t wait to do if he wins another four years in the White House: abandon his FBI Director Christopher Wray, whom he throws in private as a tool of a supposed “deep state” .

In the past three months, before testing positive for COVID-19, the president had told several senior officials and close associates that he intended to replace Wray near the start of a second term, regularly expressing his dissatisfaction with the director’s performance and his apparent reluctance. to quickly eliminate Trump’s perceived enemies in the office, said two people familiar with the president’s private remarks. One of those sources said that when the issue of Wray’s alleged subversion was raised last month, Trump said the issue would be resolved “next year,” which this source took to mean after the 2020 election, assuming Trump emerges victorious.

Trump’s desire to get rid of Wray is strong enough that this summer he sought recommendations from close advisers on who they think he should choose as a replacement, knowledgeable sources said. One said he provided Trump with “some suggestions” but declined to name names. None of those people who had spoken to President de Wray recently could recall mentioning anything to him about the impeachment of the FBI Director. before the November election.

The political calendar complicates Wray’s layoff plans. If Trump throws it out in the interim period before the new Congress is sworn in, or if Republicans retain control of the Senate, Trump can afford to potentially lose a handful of Republican votes when the candidate runs for confirmation. If Democrats take control of the Senate and Trump retains office, it will be more difficult to place a loyalist in office.

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