Trump was shown the door. Our mission is not over.

Trump showed the door. But The Daily Beast’s mission is anything but closed.

The Beast opposed Trumpism back when it was just a bunch of conspiracy theories for the mirrored bathroom crowd on Fifth Avenue. When other media tried to normalize Trump, we were early in showing how he was a vessel for the ambitions of the neo-fascist right and foreign intelligence agencies. The main elements of Robert Mueller’s indictments and his final report first appeared in The Daily Beast. We uncovered the wacky campaign fundraising scheme that led prosecutors to indict Rudy Giuliani’s pals and unmasked the main players in the plot that led to the president’s impeachment. And when the pandemic hit America in March, we repeatedly showed the deadly inadequacy of Team Trump’s response.

The specter of this response will continue to haunt America long after Trump has moved away from Mar-a-Lago. We will therefore continue to shed light on our government as it battles the virus, struggles to support the economy and tries to keep its fragile coalition cohesive. We will continue to seek answers and tell hard truths. Because The Beast has always been about standing up to the powerful, no matter who is in power.

We have always called the crooks, bullies, and bad actors, regardless of their political affiliation. Our new readers may not remember it, but The Beast has aggressively covered the Obama-Biden administration, particularly on national security. This will continue during a Biden-Harris administration, but on an even wider range of issues. We will hold Biden’s team accountable for their promises to tackle climate change, reverse institutional racism, and bring this virus under control without devastating American businesses. We will follow the money as it passes through the pockets of Democrats. We’ll document how long the Blue Dogs and Democratic Socialists and Never-Trumpers can work together (judging from the early results, about five more minutes). And while we wish the new president the best in his goal of reuniting the country, there is no way this healing will begin unless we are faced with the rampant crime of Team Trump, pervasive corruption and to the blatant attacks on our democracy. It will take a whole bunch of reports to get there.

So if you appreciate our coverage and understand the value of our independent reports, please consider become a member of Beast Inside. Memberships allow our newsroom to bring you the stories that matter, and in a time like this, that has never really meant more.

—Noah Shachtman, Editor-in-Chief

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